January 8, 2019

Celebrating Anniversary on Valentine's Day

Celebrating anniversary

Having a wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day calls for a double celebration. Your anniversary is the milestone marker of your marriage journey and Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, giving you a chance to both celebrate your love and relive your marriage vows. The challenge is, now to celebrate your anniversary on Valentine’s Day.

You will want to make the day special, unique and better than last year, but that can be tricky. A simple anniversary gift may feel not quite enough, but here we look at the ways to surprise her with these Valentine’s gifts she is sure to enjoy, to guarantee that celebrating your wedding anniversary on Valentine’s day a unique and memorable fashion.

Romantic holiday

Planning to take a break away on your anniversary-cum-valentine’s day not only gives you time for each other but relieves you from the stress of usual work issues. A simple weekend away to a place nearby that you both enjoy can be just the tonic you both need.

Surprise party

If you have a group of family and friends that you want to celebrate your anniversary with, surprise her with a party. If there is someone from her bridal party, her best from a colleague or another significant person in her life who you don’t get to see as much as your Valentine would like, arrange for her to turn up at the party, unannounced.

Romantic date

Your romantic date could be a candlelight dinner at an exotic restaurant, a day at the races, or time with the family where there are no distractions. You can add a surprise Valentine’s Day gift such as a piece of jewellery as a keepsake, or tickets to watch her favourite team or band.

Bake a cake

Surprise your wife by baking and decorating an anniversary cake. If she usually bakes a cake, do this together as this can be both fun and romantic. If you’re feeling really creative, why not recreate your wedding cake and share this with the family. Children in particular love to hear about their parents’ love story.


If you have a decent camera on your phone, arrange a photoshoot by taking your wife to all the places around town that are meaningful to you both. It may be that you want to take her back to the first place you met, your first date, where you first kissed and so on. Go for a meal and order the same food that you ate on your wedding day, your favourite food or your first date meal.

Dig out the wedding album

It’s traditional to look at wedding photos on your first anniversary, but if it is several years since you have done, so have a look together at the album and the videos of your big day. A bottle of bubbles, a box of chocolates is perfect accompaniment whilst you snuggle up and look back at your life together.